Transaction Entry


Getting all your transactions categorized correctly is the foundation of clean books. Keeping on top of your bank statements can be the difference between a super hectic or stress-free tax season.

Billing & Collections

Stay up to date on your receivables by getting invoices out to your customers promptly and following up on payments when needed. Have high volume or looking to get more efficient? Let's look at automated billing and electronic payment methods for your clients. 

Accounts Payable

Keep your vendors happy by paying them promptly, but only what they are owed. 

Financial Statements & Reporting


Get a clear picture of the financials of your business, or customized reporting to help answer specific questions. 



Paper checks or automated payroll. Whatever your method, I can help make sure you are in compliance and getting your employees paid timely. 

Special Projects


Software setup, system conversions, large data entry projects, and spreadsheet sorcery. Either one-off or periodic tasks that need to be handled, these can be the most time consuming issues small business owners face.